Spanish Delight

Azafranes Alberola has a long tradition and experience of producing and packing saffron since 1860. 150 years and 5 generations later, it still adheres to strict quality standards that has made the Spanish Delight Brand of saffron the trusted source for food lovers around the world. At Azafranes Alberola we take care of every single detail when selecting saffron. Our suppliers plant the crocus sativus bulbs from mid-August to the end of September in order to obtain optimal results in cultivation. The soil for cultivation is calcareous, rich in humus and well drained, with a pH between 6 and 8 to ensure optimal growth. In addition, no plant other than saffron has been planted in it in order to avoid diseases from other bulbs. The traditional way of planting is followed, planting in rows to ensure high productivity and excellent crop control.