Italian Mario Fongo Mini Mother-In-Law Tongue Flatbread Crackers, 3.53oz (100gm), Pack of 20

6.4 lb
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The unique original version, in mini form, with just flour, water, salt, yeast and the best organic extra virgin olive oil, entirely produced in Italy, is artfully blended to obtain an unmistakable flavour. Good to eat alone as a tasty alternative to bread, amazing when served with the ingredients of your choice, for sharing with the family or on special occasions, Mario Fongo's Mother-in-Law's tongues are absolutely wicked! 
Mario Fongo tells us that his friend, Giacomo Bologna, a well-known wine producer and owner of the Braida firm, had tasted a similar product in the shop of an old baker in the nearby town of Acqui Terme and, impressed by its simple yet delicious taste, suggested this product to Mario, sure of its success on the market. So Mario went off to visit the baker's in Acqui and asked them to disclose the secret of the recipe but the old lady refused to hand it over. From then on, its successful interpretation became an obsession for Mario and he worked tirelessly, mixing the ingredients in different proportions, until he found the perfect harmony. It was Mario's wife, Vittoria, who thought up the name of this original product: "We shall call them Mother-in-Law's tongues - she said - because only mothers-in-law have tongues as long as these!".
"With a tongue that is long, thin and rough, when all's said and done, even a mother-in-law can be nice" With these simple words, Mario Fongo describes his Mother-in-Law's tongues, the specialty that represents this firm best, since they were created in 1993. Mario Fongo's Mother-in-Law's tongues are a unique product, ideal for eating with a meal instead of bread, perfect as a snack or a sophisticated aperitif, for enjoying with salted meats, salami, cheese and a fine glass of wine. Their thin flat form, the crispness and unmistakable freshness of the Tongues depend on a manually executed process, natural leavening and the fact that the dough is rolled out by hand, which also gives this product its typically irregular shape. To produce Mother-in-Law's tongues, Mario Fongo uses carefully selected flour and 100% organic extra virgin olive oil to guarantee the highest quality to consumers, at all times.