Harissa is a chili paste that has been a staple for North Africa and Mediterranean cuisine, and Entube's take on this emerging and popular paste is that and more! With a complex flavor profile, a smoother delivery of flavors and a more satisfying finish, Entube's Harissa takes it a step further than more common ones found. The founder of Entube, Richard J Lassalle, is a self-professed flavor addict, and has always been drawn to the mysteries of herbs and spices, and how they stimulate the mind and rejuvenate the body. The endless summers in Provence inspired him to reinvent the age old North African staple Harissa. By introducing Amazonian acerola berry and other unique spices, the traditional recipe has been transformed from a Mediterranean ketchup into an exciting modern flavor bomb essential to the global kitchen.
Enjoy Entube's Harissa chili paste which is designed to trigger your culinary journey and empower regular folks to be chefs and chefs to be masters!