Extra-virgin olive oil is, together with wine, our greatest family passion. The large olive grove at Capparrina, at Menfi, relates the history of our love for this product, together with that of our commitment to safeguarding the countryside and nature. The oldest maps of Ulmo show that already half a century ago olives were cultivated on our land, in one of the areas best known for the production of olive oil. Our family has always been linked to this product which so forcefully represents Sicily and the Mediterranean. At Capparrina we planted our olive grove to ensure that the coast at Menfi should remain free of buildings for ever, placing once more the protection of the countryside above the interests of family and business. Today we care for 150 hectares of olives which descend the hill towards the white beach of Porto Palo of Menfi, 19 times Blue and Green Flags, in a context of great biodiversity in which rare examples of flora and fauna co-exist. Through our olive oil we are happy to contribute to consolidating and diffusing the culture of quality extra-virgin olive oil, in the kitchen and on the table.