This DOP oil is one of the most spectacular extra virgin olive oils in Italy. The color of ground emeralds with a rich creamy texture, grassy aroma, and spicy finish showcase the hallmarks of outstanding extra virgin olive oil. A "must have" for the olive oil connoisseur. Gradassi has been meticulously cultivating olives on the rocky terrains surrounding the medieval hilltop town of Campello sul Clitunno in the central Italian region of Umbria, also known for its abundance in rich vegetation as the Green Heart of Italy. Following a centuries' old family tradition, they carefully handpick the olives and then bring them to the olive mill on their estate which dates back as far as 1639. From there, they produce one of the most spectacular extra virgin olive oils in Umbria. Warmth, simplicity, authenticity and an incredible passion for the good things in life is their philosophy. In Campello sul Clitunno, in the heart of Umbria, the famous Fonti del Clitunno are born, dedicated to the God Clutumno, personification of the river who uttered his oracles here; already famous in Roman times and celebrated by Propertius, Pliny and Virgil in their writings, these waters have inspired in more recent times poets such as Byron and Carducci, painters like Corot and still today they flow from the fractures of the rock where they form a delightful lake.