3Liter Stainless Steel Fusti & Oil Cruet Gift Set

4.2 lb
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This gift set from Sansone includes both their stainless steel 3 Liter fusti and a stainless steel cruet. Both are great to have in the kitchen or at the dinner table for easy dispensing of liquids such as olive oil, balsamic or even wine. A great gift idea.
The 3 Liter Sansone stainless steel fusti has a gasket and airtight screw lid with convenient handles. NSF (National Sanitary Foundation) certified. A removable stainless steel spigot accurately dispenses the right amount of liquid and may be removed for easy cleaning. Cleaning simply requires washing with kitchen detergent and rinsing with cold water. The fustis offered here are made from the finest available Italian 18/10 stainless steel under the best possible quality controlled conditions. All joints are TIG (Tungsten Inert Gas) welded to insure completely smooth interior and exterior surfaces to prevent matter accumulation. These fustis are not the more common and less expensive folded metal containers that are constructed like tin cans, and have seams that can trap food particles, leading to bacterial contamination. Fustis add more class to your kitchen and is a perfect gift for the chef or cook who has everything. Spigot included.
The Italian stainless steel cruet made by Sansone to store various liquids is designed with a classy and elegant look. Place at the kitchen table to add a premium look and feel to the dining experience.