Arborio Risotto Rice, 17.5oz (500gm), Sample Unit

1.27 lb
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Arborio rice is the most well known risotto rice in Italy. It is a large, bold rice with a characteristic white dot at the center of the grain. By the way of length/width ratio and starch characteristics, it is classified as a medium grain rice and is totally gluten free since there are no additives. Typically used in risotto, Arborio rice develops a creamy texture around a chewy center and has exceptional ability to absorb flavors. Riso Bello arborio is a premium risotto rice grown and processed by Riso Bello in Robbio, Italy. To get the perfect creamy and velvety consistency with the rice still retraining some bite, "al dente", you need nothing more than the best rice milled in the very best way. Vacuum packed to maintain freshness. Certified gluten free.