Carnaroli Risotto Rice, 17.5oz (500gm), Pack of 12

15.0 lb
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Carnaroli is often referred to as the King of Italian Rices and the preferred choice of the top risotto chefs. It has an exceptionally creamy, firm and balanced consistency. Carnaroli rice has higher starch content, a firmer texture and a longer grain than Arborio rice. Produced by the leading Italian Rice producer, Riso Gallo (founded 1856), our Riso Bello brand of Carnaroli is a premium product assured to please even the most discerning chef. To produce the perfect creamy and velvety consistency with the rice still retraining some bite, "al dente", you need to start with the best quality rice milled to the highest standards. Vacuum packed to maintain freshness. Gluten Free. No Additives. GMO Free.