Organic Red Hearts "Cuoricini" Colored Pasta, 17.6oz (500gm), Pack of 12

15.0 lb
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Perfect for a Valentine's Day gift, or any romantic dinner, this beautiful colored Cuoricini (Red Hearts) pasta from Donne Del Grano, is made from premium durham wheat. The bold red color comes from natural paprika and beets. Unlike most heart-shaped pasta, this cut is connected to a smaller center heart, improving the structural integrity and helping to hold even more sauce. Cooks in 10 minutes to achieve optimum flavor and aroma. 
Donne Del Grano pasta is produced the same way it has been made for hundreds of years in Italy. The process used to extrude this pasta gives it a fascinating shape and rough structure that will hold sauce like no other pasta. The pasta retains its shape and makes for an extremely attractive pasta dish to which your favorite sauce may be added.
This impressive cut is not just a great tasting artisan pasta, but also a decoration in itself. Excellent when served with ricotta cheese and meat, tomato, butter or cream sauces. Serves 8.